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Official Sponsors MotoGP™ 1
Official Sponsor
Being an Official Sponsor allows a brand to explore new B2B opportunities as well as becoming an integral part of the prestigious group of international companies already involved with MotoGP.

[Image: 2siWyOn.png] [Image: PT4vmR3.png] [Image: 3X5415G.png]

                               [Image: d8fsbr8.png]            [Image: E2ISZ0I.png]

Title Sponsor
Title sponsorship of a Grand Prix provides the highest exposure value and association level.
The Title Sponsor will be visible throughout the whole Grand Prix weekend in close proximity to the action, and becomes the symbol of the race itself.

[Image: bbTDi4B.jpg] [Image: X1ctDBB.png] [Image: F4Q5ugJ.png] [Image: nZeDI6a.png] [Image: XM6iSyT.png]

[Image: NaRZYL2.png] [Image: k1M1hDV.png] [Image: IidLZLq.png] [Image: AFO1mnE.png] [Image: 09f0IiB.jpg]
[Image: zy8YyYn.jpg] [Image: m0CmQXi.jpg]

[Image: FVEDVf2.png]
[Image: VSiRxWQ.gif]

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